Turquoise Blue Silk with Big Flowers - PURE MULBERRY SILK fabric by the yard - Floral Silk -Luxury Silk - Natural silk - Handmade in VietNam

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  • 100% Handmade
  • Ships from Villagesilk in Vietnam
  • Materials: Mulberry Silk
  • Width: 90 centimeters
  • Cut to size: yes
  • Note: The quantity you choose will be the number of yards of silk you receive.
    For example, if you want to buy 3 yards, please choose 1-yard size, then choose quantity 3. You will receive a piece of fabric 3 yard

This product comes from a small village in Vietnam. A traditional village named Nha Xa silk. The villagers have made great effort to preserve their traditional craft after over 600 years. Nha Xa's silk is known for quality, color, and beauty better than others.

*Why Mulberry Silk is Different from Other Kinds of Silk ? What makes Mulberry silk so expensive?
- Mulberry Silk is 100% Natural, Odorless and Hypoallergenic. Mulberry silk contains a natural protein that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction
In our shop, 100% of produces are made from Pure Mulberry Silk
- Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk and also the most expensive types of silk you can purchase.
Mulberry silk is the delicate string like substance that comes from small insects called silk worms.They eat mulberry leaves in their whole life and the body of a fully grown silkworm is filled with silk. The liquid silk is created from digested mulberry leaves and is made up of proteins.A silkworm will spin its cocoon until all the liquid silk in its body is used up to protect itself The result will be a cocoon made of a single silk thread measuring up to 900 meters in length.
To make a good silk fabric weighing about 0.5kg, it takes from 2000 to 3000 cocoons, to produce a thin silk scarf requires 600 cocoons.
That is why mulberry silk is still considered a luxury item

100% Mulberry silk is hypoallergenic and temperature regulating. Moreover, as it’s a protein, it will naturally fend off any sort of allergy microbe . However, to keep it at this standard, it’s important that you’re fully aware of how to care for such a special material. Regular upkeep will increase its longevity, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy its many benefits for years to come.
*Care Instructions:
- Wash by hand in the cold water to keep silk the best. Don't wash with bleach. A little shampoo is enough to clean them.
- Dry in the shape.
- Iron at low temperature or setting silk.

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